Learner team 2 - budding league Swabia

Schülermannschaft 2 des TSV Mindelheim, Abteilung Badminton
Tim Eisenacher, Stephan Jousma, Lars Eisenacher, Benedikt Gaßner, René Tuglu, Sarah Heckl, Katharina Müller 

Our men
Daniel Müller
Joshua Geese
Johannes Seith
Lennox Witheyman

Our women
Natalie Hofmann
Miriam Abbold

Stephan Jousma
Lukas Maier
Tobias Tietzke
Benedikt Volger
Quirin Schäffeler
Maxi Wanniger
Dominik Glas
Katharina Deeg
Katharina Abt

As a result of the big amount of budding players we are able to register a second learner team. In this team will be arranged the players of age-group 1996 - 1998. We want to give them the chance to get to know the game operation. The exact formation of players will also be certained in some weeks.